For Realtors and Brokers

Are you a Real Estate professional looking for amazing support with your business bookkeeping?

You're in the right spot!

Our President started her profession in Real Estate industry: she’s worked in a brokerage, in the field as a Realtor, has her Real Estate license, and has done bookkeeping and taxes for multiple brokerages and Realtors throughout her career. That unique experience means that SMA has processes and tribal knowledge specifically tailored to Real Estate professionals and to your specific needs. You could say it’s our niche. We love Realtors, brokers, rental property owners, loan officers, and everyone else in the business.


We know all about commission splits, management fees, earnest money, escrows, transaction fees, MLS dues – and how to do the bookkeeping for the lot of it!

The monthly process for Real Estate professionals

As you can see, our process is very simple. But it packs a punch.

Getting you the analysis is our job. Using it is yours. That’s why we take an education-based approach with our clients. We want our clients to understand what their financials are saying so they can use them as tools in decision making. You’ll probably have questions and that’s great because we can help! 

What's included: